Transformational Life Coach
Life Coach, Entrepreneur & Mentor based in New York.
I am helping people find their purpose and get the life they really want.
Denis Popov
Denis Popov
Life Coach, Entrepreneur & Mentor based in New York.
I am helping people find their purpose and get the life they really want.

Where do you want to improve?

Nurture strong relationships with the people in your life. Reduce feeling of loneliness and build meaningful relationships.
Increase sense of purpose. Create inner peace, recognize your abilities and embrace your power.
Your mental, physical, and emotional health are irreplaceable. Become the best you, honor your gifts and feel more complete.
Work & Finance
Find ambition in your professional life. Recognize your abilities, welcome ambition and release your fears.
Connect with something bigger than yourself. Your soul craves inner peace and gratitude. Develop mindfulness, welcome solitude and embrace your purpose.
Manifest what you want on your terms. Develop your own process of getting what you truly want and desire.
On the first call my clients understand the energy blocks that they need to work on to accelerate the growth in life. I will give you the best tools and guide through transformation with my knowledge and personal experience.
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About my coaching
My coaching framework blends scientific models and personal experience intuitively.
Taking clients along a journey of self-discovery
The shared experience empowers my clients to find their meaning and purpose. My approach relies on trust and understanding to build lasting relationships.
My clients want to grow and improve
I will enable and promote the changing process using my experience and a variety of proven techniques and tools.
Yet, my clients always remain responsible and accountable for their outcomes.
My spiritual experiences set the basis and tone for a personalized coaching approach
I root my style in:

• Being present

• Listening deeply

• Empathizing with people in pain

• Maintaining a deep focus

• Seeing behind the wall

• Hearing and understanding the unsaid

With these abilities, I lead a sustainable and rapid shift of my clients.

Is it for me?
My coaching is for you if you have any of the following
Got stuck in life and don't know what to do next
Not achieving your goals
Struggling with clarity
Feels unhappy, unsatisfied, unfulfilled
Struggling with imbalance
Feeling that you are on the wrong path
Struggling with negativity
Having distractive thoughts and mind
Awakening and struggle with the reality
Need transformation
"Everything we knew before is now being questioned" - Denis Popov
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